Traditional Crafts


These four videos were made with elder craftspeople in Sa Pa District who explained their crafts and the importance of each to Hmong culture. We also hope that these videos will be a way of preserving and maintaining these craft techniques and songs. 

Weaving hemp fabric with Mrs. Di

Hemp fabric is a necessary part of Hmong clothing. For Hmong women in Sa Pa District, growing and preparing hemp and then weaving it into cloth is an annual activity. In this video, Mrs. Di shows one way this is done.


Designing delicate Hmong jewellery with Mr. Chung

In addition to finely embroidered clothes, jewellery pieces are another striking element of a Hmong woman’s attire. In this video, Mr. Chung shows how a pair of Hmong earrings are made.


Doing batik the Hmong way: Mrs Di shows us how it’s done

Like embroidery, batik is another technique used to adorn and embellish hemp clothes and other items. In this video, Mrs. Di, one of the only four remaining batik makers in Lao Chai village, shows how these designs are made.


Qeej playing and traditional singing with Hmong elder, Mr Ky

The qeej is a traditional Hmong woodwind instrument made from bamboo. In this video, Mr Ky sings and plays some traditional funeral songs.