Got questions? We have answers! And if we don't, please do get in touch.

Q. Can you make tour arrangements to other parts of Vietnam too?
A. We offer a one-stop service to our guests. Sapa O'Chau is an international tour operator thus we can help you organise tours to other parts of Vietnam or even Indochina. We partner with quality tour operators to ensure a seamless rejuvenating tour of Vietnam or Indochina. Contact us to let us know your ideal itinerary. 

Q. Where can I store my luggage when I leave for a trek?
A. We offer a securely locked room to leave your luggage while you are out trekking, within our head office in Sapa. Upon your return, please let our staff know, and we will be happy to assist you with your luggage.

Q. Is there somewhere to freshen up?
A. Yes, we offer a shower and bathroom within our new representative office in Hanoi as well as our head office in Sapa. Whether you have just arrived off the overnight train/bus or coming back from a trek, there is a bathroom for you to freshen up. Please note: You may need to supply your own towel as our towels run out pretty fast. In our new representative office, there is also a guest lounge for you to catch a nap before you check into your hotel or board the bus to Sapa; lockers to store your luggage while you travel light to Sapa; and free Wifi access to check your Vietnam touring information. 

Q. Can you make the transport arrangements from Hanoi to Sapa for us?
A. Yes, we are happy to arrange trains & transfers, seater bus, sleeper bus, or private transport for you.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Vietnam?
A. Vietnam launched its new e-visa program for visitors from 40 countries starting from 1 Feb 2017. Vietnam currently allows tourists to enter visa-free from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Belarus, Russia, Japan and South Korea. From 1 July 2015 to June 2021, the Government of Vietnam decided to exempt visa for British, German, French, Spanish and Italian citizens travelling to Vietnam (for all purposes) for a period of up to 15 days. Starting from 23 Nov 2015, the single-entry visa will cost USD25 instead of the current USD45, whereas the fee for multiple-entry visa with validity of less than 3 months will go down from USD95 to USD50.

Q. Can you make accommodation bookings for us?
A. Yes, we can help you arrange accommodation.

Q. What extra clothing should I bring?
A. Please see our guide to the different seasons and weather patterns. This will give you a guide to the different seasons and weather patterns Sapa can present. This will also provide you with an idea of what clothing to bring for the different times of the year.

Q. Can I cancel my trek if it is raining or misty?
A. At Sapa O'Chau we do our best to minimize cancellation penalties for our guests but we must abide by the cancelation policies of service providers Sapa O'Chau contracted with. Sapa O'Chau is a social enterprise and like normal businesses it has to cover its operational expenses. The contract between Sapa O'Chau and their guests can only be cancelled by Sapa O'Chau if dramatic problems like natural disasters, epidemics, political problems, etc, occur. In this case, the clients will receive back the total sum having been paid for services, but have no right to any indemnities. Gentle Reminder: Please review our terms and conditions before touring with us. Thank you. 

Q. Do you have French-speaking guides besides English-speaking ones?
A. Yes, we have.

Q. What do you do when villagers tag-along your trek?
A. 1. Be firm but polite to them that you do not wish to be disturbed. Body language is very important to show that you are not interested.
2. Understand that your guide comes from the same community and it would be difficult for your guide to tell them off.
3. If you receive assistance from them, they would expect you to buy something in return. Hence, if you do not wish to buy anything from them, please do not accept any assistance from them.
4. Do empathise the villager's need to peddle their handicrafts. They can only grow one cycle of rice in the year instead of two at sea-level. Most of them do not have much education thus it is difficult for them to seek job employment. However, this does not mean tourists should support them. Tourists should support responsible tour operators so that in the long term these tag-along activities will gradually subside.

Q. How have I contributed to ethnic minorities by trekking with Sapa O'Chau?
A. You have empowered the ethnic minority trekking guides, staff and homestay owners to have a stable income. You have also enabled Sapa O'Chau to continue the education and vocational training of 70 ethnic minority youths. Please visit our social enterprise tab for detailed information or Facebook page for updates.