Sapa Hmong Handicraft


Sapa O'Chau wants to preserve and promote ethnic minority culture by creating awareness of traditional handicrafts and help women buy food, educate their children and get fair income.

In the past, when the world’s peoples lived more self-sufficiently, it was essential for skills and knowledge to be passed on to the next generation. For example, fabric weaving, batik writing and jewelry making. However, today many ancient skills are being lost around the world because young people do not see them as necessary or valuable – It’s simply easier and more time-efficient to buy machine made products.

Through creating a range of fashionable, ethical and useful handicraft accessories based on the cultures of Sapa’s ethnic minorities, Sapa O’Chau is re-creating demand for these skills. Not only this, but by using our brand and network we can develop higher incomes for the craftswomen. These craftswomen can then support their children to attend school and have better job prospects. 

The fabrics in Sapa are made from locally grown hemp in northwest of Vietnam. They are decorated with meaningful traditional Hmong motifs derived from nature. The dyes for the fabrics come from the roots, barks and leaves of different plants, such as the distinctive dark indigo of Strobilanthes cusia.

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Contemporary designed handicraft with a touch of traditional Hmong motifs to reflect your personal style. Practical yet stylish. Multiple compartments, durability, proper cushioning, vibrant colours and adjustibility are incorporated into the design.

tablet bag

Our craftswomen can customise the look and feel of your bags, pouches, scarves, table linens, cushion covers to your heart's desire. You will carry the uniquely designed accessories that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.


We eliminate middleman fees and ensure that our pricings are competitive yet able to support our valued craftswomen and our school.


A big thank you to our lady volunteer from Taiwan Wake Foundation who kindly modelled for us.  

Thank you to our loyal supporters. Our handicraft are now exported to USA, Laos, Taiwan and other parts of Vietnam.