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To want to make a difference! If you are passionate about helping we want to hear from you. We will always try to find a suitable role for those that want to support Sapa O'Chau.

We always need English and Vietnamese Teachers. To be a Teacher you need to be over 18 years old and a teaching qualification is an advantage.

If you do not have an official qualification or are worried about leading a class, we are also looking for Classroom Assistants to help with Conversation and Reading. To be a Classroom Assistant you need to be able to speak and read English or Vietnamese, and if you are under 18 years old be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Have a special interest or talent? Share them with our students in the life skills classes.



Sapa O'Chau - CentreIf teaching is not your thing but you are a dab hand at something else then please do get in touch. In the past we have had volunteers developing our website, writing articles, providing administrative support, fundraising and lots more! Alternatively you might only have a few days in Sapa, so perhaps you would like to run a one-off evening class for the kids? Maybe a dance class or arts and crafts evening? Please do get in touch!




Coming to Sapa is not always an option but you can still make a difference! We have listed a few ideas on how you can help below but if you have another idea then do let us know.

Run a clothing drive:

We always need clothes, shoes, blankets, towels, pyjamas, slippers... So if you can get together with a group of friends, your local neighbourhood or school and collect these types of items the children here at Sapa O'Chau would be so grateful!

Fundraising event:

Fundraising events are not only for a good cause but they can be great fun! Could you hold a cake sale? Or perhaps a fun-run? Maybe even a talent show in your school? If you need some posters or flyers or even some pictures to promote the event let us know and we can certainly help out!

Sapa O'Chau

Back to school initiative:


Are you going back to school soon? Perhaps you have already planned a shopping trip to buy those much-needed pens, pencils, books and bags? Maybe you might like to purchase a couple of extra items for the children of Sapa O'Chau? Maybe your whole class want to do the same thing?

Skype Session:

Would you like to help the children of Sapa O'Chau with their English? One of the best ways to learn is to practice! If you can speak English and you are between the ages of 12 and 25 and you can spare 30 minutes of your day then we would like to hear from you! If you are under 18 we will need your parents’ permission. Please also note that for the safety of the children involved, Skype Sessions will always be monitored by a member of Sapa O'Chau staff.


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